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Women’s March on Washington in Photos

Under an ominous sky that never made good on its threat, turnout estimates for the Women’s March on Washington more than doubled expectations. Organizers of the protest — held to object to the inauguration of President Donald Trump — could no longer organize, but maybe they didn’t need to.

[WEB APP] Defense One - Chartbuilder 2.0

A fork of Quartz's Chartbuilder. It adds a subtitle field and customizes chart styles to fit the Defense One brand

[GRAPHIC] Why Do People Join ISIS? Here’s What They Say When You Ask Them - Defense One

A marketing communications company gets the Pentagon’s attention by identifying nine reasons.

[GRAPHIC] In Romania, US Wraps Construction of Anti-Missile Battery - Defense One

With radar and interceptors in place, the Pentagon intends to be ready to shoot down Iranian missiles next year.

[GRAPHIC] How Many US Troops Were Killed By Iranian IEDs in Iraq? - Defense One

Far fewer than Congress thinks, according to newly declassified documents from U.S. Central Command.

[GRAPHIC] The ISIS Fight Is Reshaping US Arms Exports to Its Partners - Defense One

A slight uptick in approvals for sales to anti-ISIS coalition partners has masked a big shift in the kinds of weapons being sold.

[GRAPHIC] How Fear Slammed America’s Door on Syrian Refugees - Defense One

As millions flee from war to uncertainty or death, ‘national security concerns’ have kept US arrivals to a trickle.

[GRAPHIC] US Military Blimp Down Over Pennsylvania - Defense One

The Army lost control of its 3.5-ton multi-billion-dollar air-defense JLENS for four hours on Wednesday.

[GRAPHIC] 'Kill-Em-All With Airstrikes' Is Not Working - Defense One

Here’s a summary of the anti-ISIS bombing campaign: 30,000 fighters - 20,000 killed = 30,000 fighters.

Coming soon to your local library: 3-D printers and soldering irons | BetaBoston

At the Arsenal Project mall in Watertown, there are a set of sliding doors between a GameStop and a Pearl Vision that bear unlikely signage: HATCH, Watertown Free Public Library.