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Coming soon to your local library: 3-D printers and soldering irons | BetaBoston

At the Arsenal Project mall in Watertown, there are a set of sliding doors between a GameStop and a Pearl Vision that bear unlikely signage: HATCH, Watertown Free Public Library.

In an effort to educate users, Tor animates online privacy | BetaBoston

The Tor Project released a two-minute animated short film on its blog Tuesday intended to educate current and potential users of their service. The organization oversees a group of servers that affords greater privacy and security on the Internet when users log on through their Tor browser.

WiGo announces $1.5 million to better track the college social scene | BetaBoston

Boston startup WiGo added $1.5 million to its seed round of funding including contributions from Great Oaks Venture Capital, Greylock Partners, GGV Capital, Blade and KEC Ventures, the company announced Tuesday.

What you missed from the Poitras, Greenwald, and Snowden post-Oscar Reddit AMA | BetaBoston

Following an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, “Citizenfour” director Laura Poitras joined her colleague Glenn Greenwald and source Edward Snowden for a Reddit AMA on Monday. However the session came with the disclaimer: Ask Us Almost Anything.

Backed by Berkman Center, Canarywatch will monitor data requests from feds | BetaBoston

On Monday, Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society announced that it was taking part in a collaborative effort to gather information about secret federal legal notices that demand corporate and user data from web service providers.

Boston library projects land $700,000 from Knight Foundation to teach public about privacy and city data | BetaBoston

On Friday, The Knight Foundation awarded over $700,000 in grants to two Boston-based organizations that are using libraries to educate the public about digital privacy tools and share information about public data. 

Do selfies and smartphones belong in museums? Many curators say yes. | BetaBoston

Today is #MuseumSelfie day, an annual happening started by a group of clever museum professionals last year. And though it’s not like they needed an excuse to hold up their phones and pose, Bostonians are already doing their part to contribute — even Museum of Fine Arts director Malcolm Rogers has chimed in.

Drop Messages brings enchantment to location-based messaging | BetaBoston

Remember that time you sent your Boo a text to pick up eggs at the grocery story but they forgot because it got buried under the wave of steamy messages sent throughout the workday? History.

In Cambridge, taxi union finds staunch opposition to putting brakes on Uber | BetaBoston

Tensions rose Tuesday in the small basement room of a Cambridge municipal building as citizens waited to hear and give testimony about on-demand driver services in the city.

Swanky home brewing kit HopBox killing it on Kickstarter | BetaBoston

In just one day Boston entrepreneur Mike Langone and his childhood friend Matt Gorman reached their $45,000 crowdfunding goal to increase production of their luscious home brewing kits. They’ve now passed $100,000.

As domestic abuse goes digital, shelters turn to counter-surveillance with Tor | BetaBoston

Sarah’s abuser gained access to every password she had. He monitored her bank accounts and used her phone to track her location and read her conversations. She endured four years of regular physical and emotional trauma enabled by meticulous digital surveillance and the existing support services, from shelters to police, were almost powerless to help her.

oSnap wants to let you smell your texts | BetaBoston

Ever wished that your text messages came with a nice aroma? No. No you haven’t.

BMW brings i3 electric vehicle stateside with Massachusetts launch | BetaBoston

BMW’s first production level electric vehicle rolled out of Herb Chamber’s BMW garage Friday afternoon. Tufts professor Charlie Rabie and his wife Ruty Bakor now own the first BMW i3 sold in the U.S. and a matching bicycle, compliments of ze Germans.

Cleaning an oil-stained reputation, Driveway Doctors bring the garage to you | BetaBoston

Next time your car needs a tuneup, consider having the shop drive to you. The Driveway Doctors provide on site car repairs and a level of service hoping to shake up an industry that struggles with an oil stained reputation.

Writing and reading robots square off. Will students lose? | BetaBoston

Following an epic battle of the bots that concluded the Cambridge Science Festival, machines face off again but this time in the academic arena.

Basement bots battle, dance to death | BetaBoston

Prominently schnozed robo-fighter Somervillain pummeled its way undefeated Sunday through the brackets of the Autonomous Fighting Robots competition, with a vicious arsenal of pirouettes, sashays, and drunken head-on collisions with the wall.

Connected Cocktail Project brings high-tech spin on mixology to the home | BetaBoston

If you prefer an Aviation to a glass of wine or an Old Fashioned to a light beer but lack mixology chops, a Somerville design firm recently conceptualized a “smart” solution to your imbibing woes.

With Hubway Prescribe-a-Bike, city to offer a thousand new riders $5/year memberships | BetaBoston

Mayor Walsh and the Boston Medical Center want Bostonians to get on their bikes and ride.

Mayor Walsh gives young people $1 million to spend on Boston

The office of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced Tuesday it will allocate $1 million of the city’s budget to letting those in the 12 to 25 age bracket vote on a collection of projects gathered through online submissions and community assemblies.

At Berkman Center, Lily Cole and the father of the Internet team up to try the Impossible | BetaBoston

Impossible was founded by model/actress/social entrepreneur Lily Cole. The startup offers a social web and iOS “gift economy” network based on people around you and the skills you have.