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[WEB APP] Defense One - Chartbuilder 2.0

A fork of Quartz's Chartbuilder. It adds a subtitle field and customizes chart styles to fit the Defense One brand

[GRAPHIC] Why Do People Join ISIS? Here’s What They Say When You Ask Them - Defense One

A marketing communications company gets the Pentagon’s attention by identifying nine reasons.

[GRAPHIC] In Romania, US Wraps Construction of Anti-Missile Battery - Defense One

With radar and interceptors in place, the Pentagon intends to be ready to shoot down Iranian missiles next year.

[GRAPHIC] How Many US Troops Were Killed By Iranian IEDs in Iraq? - Defense One

Far fewer than Congress thinks, according to newly declassified documents from U.S. Central Command.

[GRAPHIC] The ISIS Fight Is Reshaping US Arms Exports to Its Partners - Defense One

A slight uptick in approvals for sales to anti-ISIS coalition partners has masked a big shift in the kinds of weapons being sold.

[GRAPHIC] How Fear Slammed America’s Door on Syrian Refugees - Defense One

As millions flee from war to uncertainty or death, ‘national security concerns’ have kept US arrivals to a trickle.

[GRAPHIC] US Military Blimp Down Over Pennsylvania - Defense One

The Army lost control of its 3.5-ton multi-billion-dollar air-defense JLENS for four hours on Wednesday.

[GRAPHIC] 'Kill-Em-All With Airstrikes' Is Not Working - Defense One

Here’s a summary of the anti-ISIS bombing campaign: 30,000 fighters - 20,000 killed = 30,000 fighters.