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Women’s March on Washington in Photos

Under an ominous sky that never made good on its threat, turnout estimates for the Women’s March on Washington more than doubled expectations. Organizers of the protest — held to object to the inauguration of President Donald Trump — could no longer organize, but maybe they didn’t need to.

[WEB APP] Defense One - Chartbuilder 2.0

A fork of Quartz's Chartbuilder. It adds a subtitle field and customizes chart styles to fit the Defense One brand

[GRAPHIC] Why Do People Join ISIS? Here’s What They Say When You Ask Them - Defense One

A marketing communications company gets the Pentagon’s attention by identifying nine reasons.

[GRAPHIC] In Romania, US Wraps Construction of Anti-Missile Battery - Defense One

With radar and interceptors in place, the Pentagon intends to be ready to shoot down Iranian missiles next year.

[GRAPHIC] How Many US Troops Were Killed By Iranian IEDs in Iraq? - Defense One

Far fewer than Congress thinks, according to newly declassified documents from U.S. Central Command.

[GRAPHIC] The ISIS Fight Is Reshaping US Arms Exports to Its Partners - Defense One

A slight uptick in approvals for sales to anti-ISIS coalition partners has masked a big shift in the kinds of weapons being sold.

[GRAPHIC] How Fear Slammed America’s Door on Syrian Refugees - Defense One

As millions flee from war to uncertainty or death, ‘national security concerns’ have kept US arrivals to a trickle.

[GRAPHIC] US Military Blimp Down Over Pennsylvania - Defense One

The Army lost control of its 3.5-ton multi-billion-dollar air-defense JLENS for four hours on Wednesday.

[GRAPHIC] 'Kill-Em-All With Airstrikes' Is Not Working - Defense One

Here’s a summary of the anti-ISIS bombing campaign: 30,000 fighters - 20,000 killed = 30,000 fighters.

Coming soon to your local library: 3-D printers and soldering irons | BetaBoston

At the Arsenal Project mall in Watertown, there are a set of sliding doors between a GameStop and a Pearl Vision that bear unlikely signage: HATCH, Watertown Free Public Library.

MIT to Offer Course in Rapid Prototyping — Maker Pro | Make:

This summer, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will begin offering a rapid prototyping continuing education course. During the course, which is suitable for a general audience, students will learn about a number of prototyping techniques, design components in a group setting, and then fabricate those parts during lab time.

I Used 3D Hubs to Print a Phone Dock. Here's What Happened. - Make:

Last week, Make:‘s Matt Stultz wrote about the new collaboration between MakerBot’s design community, Thingiverse, and the Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs. Eventually, the collaboration could bring together Thingiverse’s 700,000 designs with 3D Hubs’ 15,000 printer locations — though for now, the feature is available only for parts developed by a handful of pre-selected designers.

Peabody dancer, Harry Gray, 16, has eye on New York Ballet - Salem News: Local News

PEABODY — Harry Gray holds on to a dining room chair and extends his right leg with surgical grace. His foot is outstretched, toes pointed, flexing a calf muscle that rivals many quadriceps. Harry dances ballet and he is very, very good.

MuckRock • How a CIA defector duped the FBI

On August 9, 1990, two U.S. Embassy employees trying to enjoy a beer at the Mezhdunarodnaya Hotel in Moscow were interrupted by a stranger.

A Simple, Inexpensive Computer for Developing Nations Hits it Big at Home - Make:

A Kickstarter campaign for Endless Computer, a low cost desktop unit aimed at the developing world, has eclipsed its $100,000 funding goal with 22 days left on its campaign.

Raspberry Pi E-Paper Display Doubles Kickstarter Goal - Make:

A Raspberry Pi-compatible e-paper display — the technology used on the Kindle and other e-readers for its low power consumption and ease on the eyes — has nearly doubled its Kickstarter goal of £10,250 by press time, with 17 days left in the campaign.

Movidius Raises $40M for Augmented Reality Venture - Make:

Vision processing startup Movidius, which contributed computer vision technology to Google’s Project Tango development kit, announced a $40 million funding round this week, with Summit Bridge Capital leading the surge.

New Hardware Accelerator Bridges Gap from SF to Shenzhen - Make:

Highway1, the two year old accelerator from Ireland-based manufacturing solutions company PCH International, has expanded its operations at a new San Francisco California location, upping its startup enrollment cap from 12 to 19.

This Week in 3D Printing: Food, Fashion, and Carbon3D's Funding - Make:

Last week, we featured a University of Buffalo student who printed a 40×40×100mm Eiffel Tower in just over 12 minutes. That same day, VentureBeat reported that Carbon3D — another startup working on speedier 3D printing — received $10M from Autodesk’s 3D printing fund. Carbon3D calls the technology Continuous Liquid Interface Production, and claims a 25- to 100-factor speed increase over more traditional techniques.

Android Co-Founder Launches Hardware Incubator - Make: | Make:

Android co-founder Andy Rubin has raised $48 million to launch a hardware incubator he’s calling Playground Global, the Wall Street Journal reports.

4 and 1/2 3D Printing Trends You Should Know About - Make: | Make:

Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital printed an exact replica of a little girl’s skull based on multiple MRI scans. The replica enabled a practice run through the first of many complex surgeries to treat the toddler’s Tessier cleft. The actual surgery was a success.

In an effort to educate users, Tor animates online privacy | BetaBoston

The Tor Project released a two-minute animated short film on its blog Tuesday intended to educate current and potential users of their service. The organization oversees a group of servers that affords greater privacy and security on the Internet when users log on through their Tor browser.

WiGo announces $1.5 million to better track the college social scene | BetaBoston

Boston startup WiGo added $1.5 million to its seed round of funding including contributions from Great Oaks Venture Capital, Greylock Partners, GGV Capital, Blade and KEC Ventures, the company announced Tuesday.

What you missed from the Poitras, Greenwald, and Snowden post-Oscar Reddit AMA | BetaBoston

Following an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, “Citizenfour” director Laura Poitras joined her colleague Glenn Greenwald and source Edward Snowden for a Reddit AMA on Monday. However the session came with the disclaimer: Ask Us Almost Anything.

Backed by Berkman Center, Canarywatch will monitor data requests from feds | BetaBoston

On Monday, Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society announced that it was taking part in a collaborative effort to gather information about secret federal legal notices that demand corporate and user data from web service providers.

Boston library projects land $700,000 from Knight Foundation to teach public about privacy and city data | BetaBoston

On Friday, The Knight Foundation awarded over $700,000 in grants to two Boston-based organizations that are using libraries to educate the public about digital privacy tools and share information about public data. 

Do selfies and smartphones belong in museums? Many curators say yes. | BetaBoston

Today is #MuseumSelfie day, an annual happening started by a group of clever museum professionals last year. And though it’s not like they needed an excuse to hold up their phones and pose, Bostonians are already doing their part to contribute — even Museum of Fine Arts director Malcolm Rogers has chimed in.

Grand Parade celebrates community aspect of Salem's Haunted Happenings - Salem News: Local News

SALEM — The sun ducked below the clouds, blinding Essex street and making its presence felt on an otherwise overcast day, just minutes before the city kicked off its busiest season of the year.

Street performers arrive in Salem for Halloween season - Local News - Salem News

SALEM — Three ninjas-in-training danced around East India Square to the sounds of Richard Konarski’s accordion just before the Grand Parade kicked off the city’s Halloween season.

North of Boston Studios provides props for movies, TV shows - Salem News: Business

Denzel Washington grabs a gold-rimmed shot glass off the bar in a Russian gang hangout, slamming it into the right eye socket of an oncoming adversary as he makes short work of dispensing with a whole group of ruffians.

Halloween preachers stir up a response downtown - Salem News: Local News

An online video began circulating this weekend showing a local resident dressed as Nosferatu, the vampire, attempting to conceal a bellowing street preacher.

Danvers announces three finalists in town manager search - Local News - Salem News

DANVERS — The town search committee announced its three finalists for the town manager position Friday afternoon. The list includes Michael Lombardo, now the Hamilton town manager; Steve Bartha, assistant town manager in Avon, Connecticut; and Andrew Flanagan, deputy town manager in Arlington.

Intern program to be offered for high-schoolers - Salem News: Local News

BEVERLY — This spring, Beverly High School will pilot a program that provides seniors with an internship experience for the last quarter of the school year.

Coming soon: a better-connected Beverly - Salem News: Local News

BEVERLY — The city recently completed the first phase of a $1 million project that will connect 34 municipal buildings via a fiber optic network and improve radio communications for police and fire services.

Salem parents' Mason jars raise money for pediatric cancer research - Local News - Salem News

The parents of 1-year-old cancer victim Mason Silva are raising awareness of pediatric cancer, and funds for research, by selling decorated Mason jars throughout the month of September.

Wenham: Cross Keys rehab facility OK to operate - Salem News: Local News

WENHAM — Two weeks ago, the town’s building inspector issued a letter allowing a local men’s addiction treatment retreat to continue its current operations.

Beverly man to appear tonight on 'Hell's Kitchen' - Local News - Salem News

BEVERLY — A local chef will expose himself to the wrath of Gordon Ramsay in font of millions of viewers Wednesday night when the 13th season of “Hell’s Kitchen” airs on Fox.

Stockwell: 'Together we will bring sanity back to Washington' - Local News - Salem News

LYNN — An independent candidate for Massachusetts’s 6th Congressional District officially announced Wednesday that he would run against the Democratic and Republican nominees.

Whole Foods in new plans for Brimbal Avenue plaza - Salem News: Local News

BEVERLY — A Whole Foods Market will be part of the new commercial plaza planned for Brimbal Avenue, the developer has confirmed.

Former North Shore classmates complete Mongol Rally for River House shelter - Salem News: Local News

Two North Shore men recently traveled from London to the capital of Mongolia in a subcompact car, more than 7,000 miles on a good day.

A joyful return to Market Basket - Salem News: Local News

No honking. No chanting. No signs. Instead, the parking lot at Market Basket in Danvers was nearly half-filled with cars by 11 a.m. Thursday.

Baker's Island light is transferred to Heritage group - Salem News: Local News

SALEM — After years of conflict with Baker’s Island residents, the Essex National Heritage Commission celebrated a deed transfer from the U.S. Coast Guard at a ceremony Wednesday on the island.

Cummings disputes taxes ... again - Local News - Salem News

BEVERLY — The Cummings Center — the city’s largest taxpayer — is disputing its tax assessments for the last three fiscal years.

Beverly garage slow to catch on - Local News - Salem News

BEVERLY — The 67 MBTA train out of North Station pulled into Beverly Depot at 5:21 p.m. Wednesday — two minutes late. Craig Schuster walked to his sea-foam Toyota Echo parked on Broadway, where parking is still free.

Beverly Side Streets pushes for more public art, recognition of creative businesses - Salem News: Local News

BEVERLY — Not enough people in the city know about the giant graffiti wall facing Innocenti Park, east of the train tracks that parallel McPherson Drive.

Changes coming to Beverly's downtown restaurant scene - Salem News: Business

BEVERLY — With the Cabot Street Cinema Theater under agreement to be sold, other changes to city’s downtown landscape are unfolding.

Wenham zoning board delays decision on sober house - Local News - Salem News

WENHAM — The local zoning board decided to postpone any decisions Thursday night regarding a cease-and-desist order on a substance abuse treatment house in town, pending further review of the facility and a state law that exempts specific entities from local zoning regulation.

Beverly City Council looks closer at creation of arts district » Local News », Salem, MA

BEVERLY — The City Council held a special session Monday to discuss a variety of matters including the establishment of a cultural and arts district in the downtown area.

YouthBuild wins $1.1 million federal grant » Local News », Salem, MA

SALEM — The U.S. Department of Labor granted $1.1 million to a North Shore youth program last week to expand its capacity and create 66 new jobs over the next two years.

Thriving record label Deathwish flying under Beverly's radar » Business », Salem, MA

BEVERLY — Despite 160 records pressed, a thriving e-store and 36 active bands, the record label Deathwish Inc. has failed to attract attention of the city it inhabits or many of its residents.

Politicians take ice-bucket challenge for ALS » Local News », Salem, MA

BEVERLY — Local politicians sat soaked by icy water at Monday’s homecoming ice cream social.

Despite shopping elsewhere, Market Basket customers remain loyal » Local News », Salem, MA

SALEM — Local Market Basket customers can’t hold out any longer as the company continues to weigh offers to buy the chain, including one from ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

Firefighter aids effort against West Coast blaze » Merrimack Valley », North Andover, MA

PEABODY — A Peabody man left Saturday with a 20-person crew to battle West Coast wildfires for two weeks.

Brief flooding in Peabody after heavy rain » Local News », Salem, MA

PEABODY — A brief spate of hard rain Monday morning brought mild flooding to West Peabody.

Former probation chief found guilty » Local News », Salem, MA

BOSTON — A jury found former Probation Commissioner John J. O’Brien and two top aides guilty of conspiracy to commit racketeering Thursday afternoon.

Residents skeptical of Brimbal Avenue plans » Local News », Salem, MA

BEVERLY — Neighborhood residents turned out in healthy numbers Thursday for an open meeting to see and discuss new design plans for the Brimbal Avenue/Route 128 interchange.

Danvers Market Basket forced to toss food » Local News », Salem, MA

DANVERS — Cars peppered the Market Basket intersection Wednesday afternoon with honks supporting grocery chain workers, who held signs calling for the reinstatement of fired CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

New Brimbal Avenue design to be presented Thursday » Local News », Salem, MA

BEVERLY — Residents will get their first chance to weigh in on the new design proposal for the Brimbal Avenue/Route 128 interchange on Thursday.

City groups want Salem's Point neighborhood placed on National Historic Register » Local News », Salem, MA

SALEM — The Point neighborhood could be placed on the National Register of Historic Places this fall, according to a local development organization.

Salem mayor turns opposition calls into pledge drive for LGBT group » Local News », Salem, MA

SALEM — Mayor Kim Driscoll pledged Wednesday to donate $5 to a local organization for gay and lesbian youths for every out-of-state phone call she receives condemning her decision to terminate the city’s contract with Gordon College.

Breweries, distilleries get green light in Salem » Local News », Salem, MA

SALEM — The city council voted Thursday to pass amendments to local zoning law that would allow for breweries, wineries and distilleries to serve samples and sell their products on site.

Driscoll tries again to expand pool of candidates for police chief » Local News », Salem, MA

SALEM — Mayor Kimberley Driscoll is asking the City Council to reconsider allowing external candidates to apply for the police chief’s position.

Seniors at Turtle Creek residential community welcome extensive face-lift to facility » Local News », Salem, MA

BEVERLY — A residential community for fixed-income seniors in central Beverly celebrated a $3.8 million renovation Wednesday evening.

Beverly to upgrade trails at Green's Hill in Ryal Side » Local News », Salem, MA

BEVERLY — The city plans to reinvigorate trails on the Bass River near Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School before the summer’s end.

Go take a hike (near Boston) - Magazine - The Boston Globe

Sure, the Cape’s a great place to get outdoors in the summertime — if you like traffic. But Massachusetts has plenty of less predictable, and less crowded, getaways. These 10 oases offer a wide range of activities, and each is within striking distance of the city.

Drop Messages brings enchantment to location-based messaging | BetaBoston

Remember that time you sent your Boo a text to pick up eggs at the grocery story but they forgot because it got buried under the wave of steamy messages sent throughout the workday? History.

In Cambridge, taxi union finds staunch opposition to putting brakes on Uber | BetaBoston

Tensions rose Tuesday in the small basement room of a Cambridge municipal building as citizens waited to hear and give testimony about on-demand driver services in the city.

25 states covered in vanity plate rejection project | Muckrock

Earlier this month MuckRock kicked off the vanity plate rejection project. Inspired by Andrew Mickert's request for personalized plates that the Virginia DMV felt were too hot for the highway, we invited users to make a small contribution so that MuckRock could submit to local motor vehicle departments for similar documents.

A commencement speech crib sheet - Magazine - The Boston Globe

Michael Bloomberg, the tycoon, anti-gun activist, son of Medford, and former New York City mayor, is set to address Harvard’s 363d commencement this week. Just in case you’re not quite done with your speech, Mr. Bloomberg, and still looking for ideas, here’s a mash-up from the last 10. In fact, you could just read this — it’s really quite inspiring.

Swanky home brewing kit HopBox killing it on Kickstarter | BetaBoston

In just one day Boston entrepreneur Mike Langone and his childhood friend Matt Gorman reached their $45,000 crowdfunding goal to increase production of their luscious home brewing kits. They’ve now passed $100,000.